Advokátska kancelária JUDr. Zuzana Martincová


My legal firm provides legal services:
  1. consultancy
  2. drawing up of legal documents - contracts, actions, legal analysis
  3. representation of clients in judicial proceedings and administrative procedure
  4. representation of clients in out-of court proceedings, proceedings with counterparty,
in all branches of law:

Civil Law

-   law of property and real estate property - protection of the ownership, neighbour´s
rights, purchase agreements of real estate property,
-   joint property of spouses- the change of the stipulated extent of the joint property of spouses during the marriage, settling the joint proporty of spouses after the extinction of the marriage by divorce or in other cases,
-   co-ownership - origination, modification and cancellation of co-ownership, the relationships between the co-owners, settlement of co-ownership,
-   security for obligations (conventional fine, guarantee, lien and etc.),
-   representing in the inheritance proceedings, the testators´ will, disinheritance document,
security for the rights of succession,
-   law of obligations - agreements and entitlements established upon them (purchase
agreement, agreement for work, donation agreement, lease agreement, insurance agreement and etc.),
-   trade marks,

Commercial Law 

-   corporate law - incorporation, modification and dissolution of company, company mergers, incorporation of european company, managing of the meetings of companies´ bodies and co-operatives, generall legal consultancy services for the companies,
-   commercial agreements and entitlements established upon them (purchase agreement, agreement for work, mandate contract, commercial representation contact and etc.),
-   security for obligations (conventional fine, guarantee and etc.),
-   collecting of outstanding debts,
-   protection of business name,
-   law of unfair competition,
-   fulfilment of registration and reporting duties (f.e. Commercial Register, Trade Register),
-   law of securities (shares, bonds, and etc.),

Family Law

-   divorce of the couple,
-   alimonies,
-   modification of parental rights and duties toward children - determination into whose custody the child will be placed, regulation of the contacts with the child,
-   determination of paternity,
-   adoption,

Labour Law

-   solving the relationships between employees and employers originated upon employment, foundation and cancelation of employment relationship,
-   general legal service for companies concerning the employment agenda, drawing of different types of labour-law deeds and documents,
-   entitlements between employees and employers,
-   compensation for damages,

Administrative Law

-   zrepresentation of the clients in administrative proceedings, especially in front of the Cadaster, Trades Licensing Office, Financial Offices, in penal offence proceedings,

Other branches of Law


JUDr. Zuzana Martincová

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