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Attorney´s fee is very individual matter and shall be determined in accordance with Decree No. 655/2004 Z.z., passed by the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic on Fees and Compensation of Expenses of Lawyers for Provided Legal Services. I know from my professional experience the use of an hour rate has proved to be the best way. In the case of long-term legal services (especially for companies) so-called flat fee is advantageous.

Client is always informed about the sort of attorney´s fee, the way of its cauculation and the estimation of the fee in their cases.

The lawyer´s fee is accounted monthly, unless we agreed on anything else


Vyhláška 655/2004 Z.z. o odmenách a náhradách advokátov za poskytovanie právnych služieb






JUDr. Zuzana Martincová

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